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General information in simple language

Dear parents,

A warm welcome to Kleinmachnow!

Are you looking child care, at preschool or in the afternoons after school?

Attending a preschool or after school care is very important for your child. Your child can play with other children there. She or he can experience new things. She or he can learn lots of new things.

Our preschools welcome your child from age 1 until (s)he starts to attend school. If your child is already going to school, we offer after school care for her or him in the afternoons and in the school holidays, in what we call a "Hort".

Both preschools and places offering after school care are part of the educational system. They are open all day from Monday to Friday. They close for a total of 4 weeks a year: 1 week between Christmas and New Year's, and 3 weeks in the summer school holidays.

The people taking care of your child are people with teacher training. Your child will be part of a group of children. Every preschool or "Hort" is run by a director.

It is good if your child can come to the preschool or Hort regularly. That way (s)he can make new friends more easily. It is also better for participating in activities and projects if your child can come regularly. Your child learns many important things at preschool. Attending preschool will make going to school easier.

The KITA association offers your child breakfast, lunch, and small snacks in between. The after school place (Hort) offers small snacks in the afternoon. Of course we take into account any allergies your child might have and religious rules that need to be observed.

We support your child's learning of German. At home, please continue to use the language you speak with your child, even if it is not German. If your child speaks your language well, (s)he will learn German more easily.

When your child first starts attending a preschool (s)he will need some time to adjust. You are very welcome to come and spend some time at the preschool with your child until (s)he feels comfortable and likes to spend several hours there, even without you there.

Does my child have a legal right to a place in a preschool or "Hort"?

Your child has a legal right to a place in a preschool or "Hort" if you live in Kleinmachnow. Your child may visit a preschool for at least 6 hours daily. A primary school child may stay at the "Hort" for 4 hours after school. If you work, are a student, or are taking a language course, your child has the right to stay at preschool or in the Hort for longer. The Hort is open during school holidays.

What do I have to do to get a place for my child in preschool or at the Hort?

Our home page lists all the institutions we have. You are welcome to vist them. To do so, please make an appointment by calling or mailing a specific place.

If you'd like to place your child at preschool or in a Hort, please print out the application form. You'll find it on our homepage. After you fill it out please send it to us.

For preschools you can select up to two places you would like your child to attend. We do our best to make sure your child you gets a place at one of these. Once a decision has been made we draw up a care contract with you.

For a place in a Hort the specific Hort will always be where your child goes to school.

How much does child care cost?

The KITA Association is financially supported by the town of Kleinmachnow and the state of Brandenburg.

Parents do, however, pay a contribution. The size of the contribution depends on how much money you earn per month. In addition parents pay 40,00 € per month for the preschool lunches.

Parents with very low income do not pay a contribution. Parents of children who visit a preschool in the year before they start attending attending school pay nothing.

You'll find the regulation about parental contributions on our homepage.

Do you have any questions?

We understand English. For languages other than German and English we need to get help for interpreting.

This is how you get in touch with us:

Office hours for appointments

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Tuesdays: 9 AM until 12:00 noon and 1 until 6 PM or

Thursdays: 1 until 4 PM

Phone: 033203 877-4003

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